Tues: 8:30-9:30am @ Dwell Yoga

If the mind were a kite, the string would be the breath
— Tony Robbins

Candlelight Flow Restorative

Tues: 6:45-7:45pm; Thurs: 6:45-8pm  @ Dwell Yoga!

Burn off stress from the day during the first half of the class in a gentle flow practice, with options to increase/decrease the challenge of the practice; then quiet the mind & body during the second portion of the class with a lovely candlelite restorative sequence. Schedule today:



Wed: 6-7pm @ Downtown Desert Yoga!

If you are new to yoga or in need of a slow, mindful practice, Hatha yoga offers a variety of static yoga poses with a weekly focus on a particular area.  For example, we my focus on strengthening & unlocking the shoulders one week and hip-openers the next. Schedule today: 


Hatha Restore

Thurs: 9-10am @ Total Body Bar!  Give your muscles a little break with some restorative yoga love!


  • Call to schedule a small group session or join one of our quarterly workshops @ Downtown Desert Yoga!  
  • Also, call if you would like to schedule a Reiki treatment (in-person or distant) or an AromaTouch treatment with doTERRA essential oils!  @ Taylor Hood Farms Learning Center... or Mondays and Wednesdays @ The Ruby Sun!


Call to schedule private or group sessions @ Taylor Hood Farms Learning Center

Call to book a private or group session during this time!  Stretching and mindful breathing for pregnant women and their babies. 



Call to schedule private or group sessions @ Taylor Hood Farms Learning Center

Revitalize the mind and body connection to gentle, choice-driven cues that calm the nervous system through breathing exercises & gentle movements, from a chair or yoga mat.