Morning Flow

Thurs: 9:00-10:00am @ Shanti Yoga El Paso, TX

If the mind were a kite, the string would be the breath
— Tony Robbins

Candlelight Flow Restorative

(New instructor)

Burn off stress from the day during the first half of the class in a gentle flow practice, with options to increase/decrease the challenge of the practice; then quiet the mind & body during the second portion of the class with a lovely candlelite restorative sequence. Schedule today:



(New instructor)

If you are new to yoga or in need of a slow, mindful practice, Hatha yoga offers a variety of static yoga poses with a weekly focus on a particular area.  For example, we my focus on strengthening & unlocking the shoulders one week and hip-openers the next. Schedule today: 



  • Call to schedule a small group session or join one of our quarterly workshops @ Downtown Desert Yoga!

  • Also, call if you would like to host a class with doTERRA essential oils!


Call to schedule private or group sessions

Call to book a private or group session during this time!  Stretching and mindful breathing for pregnant women and their babies. 


Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Call to schedule private or group sessions

Revitalize the mind and body connection to gentle, choice-driven cues that calm the nervous system through breathing exercises & gentle movements, from a chair or yoga mat.